Working To Make Your Tax Debt Manageable

Tax law is not a perfect system; many Texas businesses and individuals struggle to meet their tax obligations due to various circumstances. When you want to make a good effort to pay your taxes, but cannot reasonably afford to do so, we are ready to stand by your side. We are highly experienced with IRS workouts for small businesses in the Fort Worth area and beyond.

Finding An Effective Solution

Law Offices of Viviana Cavada can assist you with finding relief from tax debt through the following ways:

  • Installment agreement: Rather than pay a lump sum, you may be eligible for smaller monthly payments over a long-term period.
  • Offer in compromise (OIC): This arrangement significantly reduces the amount of taxes you owe if you can successfully show that there is doubt as to how much tax you should be liable to owe, or that the IRS might be unable to collect the amount, or that collecting the amount would cause financial hardship for you.
  • Temporary collection delay: If you face financial hardship, the IRS may agree to wait to collect the full amount, but interest and fees continue to accumulate.

Not every option is available in every situation, however. Some options — especially OIC — have eligibility requirements that can be difficult to meet. We can advise you regarding your case in a preliminary consultation. Once you determine how to proceed, we can complete the necessary paperwork for you.

Collaborating With The IRS For Your Relief

We often draw upon our firm's reputation to find agreeable plans for our clients. In fact, we have developed a professional rapport with local IRS representatives. This allows us to speak directly with the IRS on behalf of our clients when working out a plan for relief.

While we advocate for the interests of our clients foremost, tax workouts focus on practical solutions that both parties can approve. In many cases, we can reach an arrangement with the IRS that ends our client's stress and financial burden.

We Help Get Tax Liability Under Control

If your small business faces a tax obligation that you cannot pay in full, urgently speak to a qualified attorney. Making a plan immediately may help you avoid high interest, late fees and property liens or liquidation of your business. Instead, you can focus on restoring your overall financial stability.

Contact our firm today through our website or call 817-900-3826 to speak with a skilled Haltom City lawyer about tax debt relief. We offer confidential consultations so that you can keep your business affairs private.

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